I have a passion for the beauty in Nature, her every canvas a masterpiece in time and space. I nurture my focus so as to communicate a moment that deeply resonates with me. I chase light for it turns the ordinary into the magical and I see taking the photograph as merely the first step in creating my art.

Born in Africa, educated in France and England, I’ve travelled extensively across South East Asia, Europe and North America. I have trekked Mount Everest and the Annapurnas, spent time with the Mentawi shamans on Siberut Island off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia and dived with the whale sharks in Western Australia. I have also sailed across the Pacific from French Polynesia to New Caledonia on a 37ft catamaran and driven across the USA multiple times where I now live. 

I am a prototype Artist exploring the possibilities, trying to express myself as a Photographer, Designer and Writer. It’s a wild mystery tour. Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you love this sampling of work as much as the adventures and insights I’ve experienced while taking them. 

Be happy